Opt-In and Win a Free Guitar!

Opt in and Win!

We’re finally ready!  We’ve bee in the studio laying down the CD album tracks.  Our CD completion party and concert will be at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on July 12th, 2017.

This is a special chance to opt in and win a FREE Fender Squier Electric Guitar. It’s a double opt-in. We’ll send you a verification email.

We’ll be holding a drawing the day after the concert.  If you’d like to win a chance (the odds are really good, at a minimum 1 out of 5,000) to win our Fender Squier, just give us your name and email.  If you’re selected, you’ll get a notification the week after the concert.  And even if you DON’T win, we’ll send you a link for a free download of the best album tracks. How can you go wrong?

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