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Welcome all West Coast Music Fans!  So great to hear from so many of you. We’re starting up the engines on a new project, we hope you’ll come along with us for the journey.  You can follow the King Of Hearts on Facebook with the icon above or this link.


Tommy and Bruce have performed on hundreds of albums.  You’ll find a selection of videos and discussions on both the King Of Hearts Facebook page and  the new YouTube channel.  This link or the YouTube icon above will take you there.  We would love to have you subscribe, the more the better!

Featured Playlist

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Featured Play List

The Way

Of the World

He’s a Working Man

And he’s proud to be one

He’s a Working Man

It’s the corporate life he doesn’t understand

You see, he needs his fellow man

He’s a winner, He knows he’s a sinner

Yeah. He’s a Working Man

“Working Man” by King Of Hearts

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